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Transferring Family Wealth – and More – Across Generations

A new model for preserving wealth across generations.

Your wealth consists of more than just money, so shouldn’t passing on your legacy require more than filling out paperwork?
We know that much, much more important than preparing an estate to earn a consistent rate of return, or shifting assets to minimize taxes and capitalize on loopholes, is this …
Cover_FOW_whitepaperpreparing a family to make and endure wealth transitions.
Inside this free resource, you will learn how to:

  • Create deep and enduring bonds amongst family members so that your family can make cohesive, unified decisions about wealth (human capital)
  • Deploy the resources within your network of relationships so that your family members learn how to capitalize upon opportunities (social capital)
  • Identify and even close gaps in a family’s knowledge so that wealth transitions are sustainable (intellectual capital)
  • Replicate the processes that supported the original wealth creation (structural capital)
  • Build your family’s financial capital by focusing on human, social, intellectual, and structural capital

Your legacy is much more than just the size of your bank account.

Download our complimentary whitepaper and see how weaving human, social, intellectual, and structural capital into estate planning ensures the sustainability of the family’s financial capital … and brings the family closer together.

RSJ’s Values-based Wealth Transition Model